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I did not get up early enough to watch the British royal wedding. Somehow I doubt that the newlyweds will have noticed my absence.

I remember getting up to watch when his parents got married. I don't really remember the wedding itself, just waiting with my mom and grandmother for it to start. I checked the dates on that, and it turns out that it's among my earliest memories. It's funny which things stick.

Americans are so proud of the system we have, of the history of the revolution and of the ability to get rid of anyone. And yet so many of us still are fascinated by monarchy and nobility. Equality, no one's better than anyone else, the triumph of mediocrity -- but maybe some day I will grow up and marry a prince. The Commonwealth realms ended up with a pretty good deal. They get to keep the symbolism of the monarchy, while mostly handling things on their own. We just borrow.

Date: 2011-04-29 06:43 pm (UTC)
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Got up at 3:00 to watch. Just like for Charles and Di. The big difference this time was that instead of sitting in the same room with mother, she kept calling me to say things like "Did you see...?" and "Who was....?" and the ever popular "Is that supposed to be a hat??"

So ya. Up at 3:00. Back to bed at 8:30 after the balcony and flyover. Slept until noon. I think my internal clock is okay now :-)


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