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Aunt Anne died this morning, after most of a week on so much pain medication that she hadn't been lucid at all.

Looks like I will probably not be able to go to the memorial service, which disappoints me. I'm not particularly in need of closure or mourning myself, but I had wanted to go and support my mother and my other aunt. However, my boss is away this week and we have a lot of stuff due this week. If I were really grieving and needed to go, of course we could make it work, but I just don't think it is going to happen. We'll see.
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My mom says that Uncle Chris called to let them know that Aunt Anne's chemo is not working, and she may be down to weeks rather than months.

Meanwhile, Anne called me last night. I missed the call, but her message said that she thought perhaps I would like to come and pick up the antique loveseat that was Grandma's, rather than having Uncle Chris keep track of it. This was before she saw the doctor today, so she didn't phrase it with quite as much urgency, but I still spent a while this morning scrambling to see what I can arrange. Fortunately, they're only in northern VA (but well west of DC), so doing it as a long day trip will be feasible. I think I've got a plan worked out, and need to call back tomorrow.
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My mom emailed me and my brother earlier to let us know that Aunt Anne, her older sister, has begun chemotherapy for late-stage pancreatic cancer.


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