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The move was completed successfully on Wednesday. I've been unpacking since then, and just got the computer hooked up.

An address change email just went out. If you didn't get it, and wish you had, send me a note.


Jul. 11th, 2008 09:22 pm
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We have a signed lease for September 1!

So happy!
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First rule of life: Nothing is ever as simple as it sounds.

My plans for the weekend sounded pretty simple. Laundry, housecleaning, and so on, plus tentative plans to see some of the people in town for the Drew Alumni Weekend. I should have known better. )
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Nothing like a good hour of steady physical exertion to make you feel like you've accomplished something with your day.

I have now dug my car out of the snow. Of course, since the landlord's sons haven't plowed the driveway yet, I'm just as snowed in as I was at 1:30 when I went outside. However, I have at least completed my part of it. I feel a little guilty about not digging out Lucy, the woman in her 60s who lives in the basement apartment. However, all the men who live around this building are in considerably better shape than I am, and I'm sure one of them will get to it eventually. The problem is that growing up in Massachusetts taught me something about shoveling snow: once I stop and go in, I will never go back to it. So I learned to just keep going until it's all finished. The thing is, it isn't all finished - just the part I'm responsible for. And I'm not very good at relying on others, partly because I've been let down so many times. I'm back inside and working on letting it go, though. Besides, I need lunch.

I'm very pleased that I thought to buy a snow shovel Friday evening, though. My first winter here, [ profile] daernhelm and I didn't have a shovel, and I remember trying to dig out using an old Tupperware container. This year, like last year, the landlord left out snow shovels we could use. It was still nice to have my own, though.
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J and I went on a date to the laundromat last night. And the laundromat is my new hero.

It went kind of like this. I put off laundry so long I ran out of socks. And our sheets needed washing. And J had a mountain in the corner by his closet. So I left him a checklist when I went to work yesterday of the first three loads I needed washed.

J called me around 10:30 yesterday morning to ask if I had heard anything about the washer flooding. Because it was. He had found it unplugged with the water turned off, but figured someone was just trying to conserve and turned it back on and plugged it in. And started a load of laundry.

I charitably refrained from mentioning that if you find a washer unplugged and the water off, perhaps it should be a BIG HINT that something might be wrong. He was trying to do me a favor after all. He hung up to call the landlady and start drying the soggy dirty laundry.

Five minutes later he called back to let me know that the landlady apologized for not letting us know. Apparently it has been broken for a week, and K, the tenant in the back who functions sort of as building superintendent, was supposed to tell us. Mrs. N. said that the repairman would be coming within the next couple of days. K, mind you, has had it in for us ever since J moved in. I would say she hated men, but she certainly seems to have enough of them in and out... She avoids telling us anything until she can get us in trouble for it. I think everyone has heard the garbage can saga by now.

Anyway, Jeff continued to dry the soggy dirty laundry until it was just damp dirty laundry. And I scoped out the laundromat in the middle of Madison on the way home. Pretty big, not many people. We ate dinner, loaded up the car with our mountains, and went.

We arrived at eight, did ten loads of laundry (no, I am not exaggerating - ten washers, eleven dryers because I separated out the delicates), folded it all there, and were home again a little after ten thirty. It was a buttload of quarters, but well worth it to get it all clean and taken care of. And after we had everything in, we discovered the larger washers, so next time we can cut down on the quarter-drain a little.

It could be worth going back again just to avoid schedule problems with K!


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