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My alarm went off this morning and jolted me out of a dream I hadn't quite finished.

Most of it I don't remember, except that there were a lot of young pregnant women. I think I may have been supposed to be a social worker, or something like that.

At the end, though, I was having a snowball fight with George W. Bush.

He wasn't very good at it - but what can you expect from a Texan? And I felt sorry for the poor guy, none of his family would come outside and play in the snow with him.

It's odd, usually if the people in my dreams are recognizable, they're people I know, not public figures. I guess that's what I get for flipping channels just before bedtime during the Republican Convention.
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I think I must have had a "normal" sleep pattern last night. I remember dreaming, and I remember fragments of the dreams, but nothing was particularly vivid or memorable. This is unusual for me, as most often I don't remember dreaming at all, and when I do it tends to be vivid and unsettling.

I do remember the bit about the world's largest silverfish. This thing must have been about two feet long, whereas usually the biggest ones I see are nearing two inches. I'm not sure who was with me, but there was a lot of silliness as we attempted to avoid getting near it while concocting a Dastardly Plot to squish it.

Then, in what I hope was a different dream, I had a bit of Perfectly Normal Life in contrast to the surrealism of the previous bit. [ profile] oidhche and I walked into a room (not one I'm familiar with) where [ profile] amy_pearlman and some unidentified other people were already sitting. Oid and I both chose to sit on the floor, even though there were chairs available. As I lowered myself, creaking and groaning, Amy said something. I replied, "Well, life just sucks like that," and leaned back against an empty chair. And a few minutes later [ profile] demongrey came in and sat in the chair I was leaning against, and kicked me (accidentally, I assume). If it had been a room I'd ever seen before, I would have thought it was a flash of memory instead of a dream.
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Last night was a very odd night.

I'm driving a friend to his court date tonight, and I knew I was being nervous and concerned on his behalf. I do this in general when my friends have Major Events. For one thing, stressing about other people's problems is more fun than stressing about my own.

At any rate, apparently I was more worried than I realized. Because, while generally I don't remember my dreams, or even having them, I vividly remember dreaming ALL NIGHT about the things that could go wrong. In addition to the ordinary, reasonable concerns, I also dreamed the following, all as separate dreams:

1. I picked him up (at a mutual friend's house, not his) and he came out of the back bedroom in his pajamas. Friend grabbed him and returned him to bedroom to change. [He knows better]
2. I picked him up at the same friend's house (or perhaps it was the same dream and it was what he changed into) and we got all the way outside before I realized that the shirt was shiny and fuzzy, and in combination with the awful suit, he looked like Elvis. I returned him to the bedroom to change. [He has more taste than that. And wouldn't put that suit or shirt on in the first place, ever.]
3. I got thrown out of the courtroom because I wasn't dressed decently enough. [Not bloody likely. But this one still concerns me.]
4. My boss was prosecuting the case. [He doesn't do that kind of work.]
5. The judge recognized me as a legal secretary [the big sign over my head, clearly] and made me get up and defend some idiot who didn't have a lawyer and was talking himself into more trouble than he started out in. [Hello? That is against the law. In several ways.]
6. My friend's lawyer called me as a character witness, without any warning, and asked a lot of embarrassing questions about just how well I knew him, at several points in time that are absolutely irrelevant to the subject at hand. Eventually I asked the judge if I could object to the line of questioning, or at least get a reason for it, which is when he finally stopped.[Thank deity-of-choice, surprise witnesses are completely against court procedure, no matter what the entertainment industry indicates.]

And then there was the REALLY weird one, which started off in a way that was so completely improbable that I knew it was a dream from the beginning, that after a couple twists and turns morphed itself into a recurring dream from my childhood...

And that's just what I remember this morning, of the ones that couldn't happen. Oy.


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