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Okay, so last night I updated everything I was supposed to do for the game to go live. Immediately after I finished, as best I can tell, the site went down - at least, I can't get at it from either work or home. I hope I didn't break anything.

I set A entries due for this Saturday. Let's hope it comes back up by then. If not, we'll have to consider other options.
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There is now some setting information posted to the Lexicon wiki. Most pages have also been updated this evening, and several new ones added. More questions up for discussion.

Please start checking there for more information. I suggest that everyone who is interested should learn to love the RecentChanges page. It has a bookmark function that will tell you all the pages that have been changed since you last set the bookmark.

Come play with me!
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Update for those interested:

We have a Wiki set up to play the game, here.

There isn't really any content yet, but I do have a question up for discussion. I suggest that those interested (or possibly interested) go create a profile, and join the discussion. I really am actively working on this in all my available time. However, my job still has priority.

I will post here once more when I have the setting information up, but after that announcements and the like will be over there.

To give everyone a preliminary idea for the setting, I have recently been re-reading Brust's Vlad Taltos books. This will not be that setting, but that's the kind of flavor floating around in my mind at the moment. If anyone has opinions on that, before I finalize anything, it can also go into the discussion... in fact, I'm putting up a discussion heading for that too.
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Well, I have been nominated to coordinate a game of Lexicon, following the interest after [ profile] soupkills mentioned it. Chime in here if you have interest...

I'm working out setting and schedule and some minor modifications and additions to the guidelines.

The guidelines suggest it should be done as a wiki, and I've been looking at some. It does seem to be an ideal format. However, I'm not sure what that entails or whether it would be feasible. Does anyone have wiki experience, who can advise what is needed, and if that's available to us anywhere? If not, I'm just going to do this through Yahoo Groups, which I do understand.


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