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This is the holy night, my religious holiday. But I don't believe that God takes attendance at the services. I don't belong to a church here, for several reasons. So, I make my observations on my own.

I went for a drive tonight. I listened to a recording of Lessons and Carols from Kings College in Cambridge, England. I turned down side streets I'd never explored, looking at the lights and following the luminaries.

As surely as if I were in a pew in a candle-lit church, my car became a sacred space. For wherever and whenever I hear the familiar words, "In those days, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus..." I am hearing it the way I have for decades, the way my family has for generations. I hear the music and it sings to my soul. O come, let us adore him. Glory to the newborn king.

I pulled into the garage, and shut off the car, and sat for a moment in the silence before going inside. On this silent night, this holy night, everything stops for a time. I did, honestly, take a moment to pray for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Also for my loved ones and their loved ones, for all our concerns and needs.

Tomorrow the world will start again, with things to do and lists and deadlines. But for tonight, none of that matters. I, at least, will sleep in peace.
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I am setting up a new filter for posts I intend to make on topics of religion(s), faith and spirituality.

Some of the posts may be about the topics generally, perhaps from an academic viewpoint or philosophical reflection. I'm starting to prepare for and warm up for the Tiny Ministries website/blog to become reality. These posts will move there when it's live.

Some of the posts may be about my own beliefs and spiritual journey. Those will likely continue to be here.

This filter is OPT-IN ONLY. If you are interested, please comment here and I will add you.

I do ask that anyone who joins be prepared to treat the beliefs of others with respect and courtesy.


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