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Looks like the memorial service is going to be Saturday the 20th.

I have this nagging feeling I have promised to do something that weekend. If anyone knows what it was, please let me know ASAP....

Isn't it sad I can't keep track of my own schedule?
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I had meant, yesterday, to post something about Sadie Hawkins. I'm just as glad I didn't, since it turns out I was wrong. Sadie Hawkins day is in November, not on Leap Day. However, Leap Day is still the traditional day for women to propose to men.

No, I didn't propose to anyone. I wanted to, but I didn't see anyone yesterday who would have taken it in the correct spirit.

On a less light-hearted note, Wayne died yesterday, at 6:45 pm. I was pretty certain of it last night, even before I received the email from my mom. Wherever he is now, I hope he knows that I love him and I will always miss him.

Added: For my own benefit, mostly. The title of the email Maggie sent out was "Servant, well done!" This is from the hymn Come Labor On Read more... )
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This coming week is likely to suck.

I talked to my mom Friday night. We talked about Wayne, who's back in the hospital. Wayne was the organist at my church - not quite family, but not quite not family either. For all practical purposes, he is my godfather. (More about Wayne here).

She forwarded me an email today, from someone who'd been to see him yesterday. As it said, I really hope I'm wrong, but... Chances are pretty strong that I'll be going to Massachusetts for a funeral some time in the next week or two.
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This is the next installment of my Dear So-and-so series. It's the next logical stop for me after finishing with my relatives, but I've been hung up on writing it for a while. A lot of what I have to say to and about Wayne is stuff I have been wanting to tell him for years. And it was my plan to write it and then actually send it to him as well as post it to LiveJournal. That's still my plan, but it's turning out a little differently than I had planned.

A link to the rest of a long ramble. )


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