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How can it be December already?

Once again, I've failed to update for almost a month. This last year, it's been hard to find the time to babble much.

So, here's the good, the bad, and the somewhat surreal: )
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Thank goodness for a three-day weekend. No matter how long a break is, though, it's never quite long enough.

Saturday: )

Sunday: )

Monday: )

So, a pretty good weekend all in all. Of course, I apparently can't even manage to do laundry without getting hurt, as I managed to cut myself on the door of the dryer, and yesterday I must have pulled a muscle or something, because my side is hurting a lot, but that's just life.
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And after Friday came Saturday. Waking up to an alarm Saturday morning is never any fun. I left for [ profile] oidhche's house about 9, and The excitement continues )

I was sore for two days afterwards from the climbing and running and dancing and generally ignoring my limitations. I need to do this kind of thing more often.
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This weekend was the second of the weddings I was invited to this fall. This one I've been considerably more involved with... and it certainly took up most of my weekend! The saga really began on Thursday when I received the five-page schedule for the weekend, but my part started Friday.

Wedding fun, day one )
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It was quite a weekend. A visit home and a wedding )
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October certainly seems to be wedding season. I'm going to one this coming weekend, and another one two weeks later. I spent most of yesterday making favors and learning how to set up and take down decorations for the one in three weeks. Sounds kind of horrible, but it was actually a pretty nice day.

The wedding-y stuff, and a REALLY BIG cat )


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