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Newest-discovered advantage to weight loss: my chest has gotten enough smaller that I can lie on my stomach comfortable again. Since I used to sleep that way, this could make me a very happy girl.

Minor disadvantage: my hips are enough smaller that I need to relearn how to carry things.

On both counts: Not that there isn't still plenty there, just not quite the shelf I had a few months ago.
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Losing weight is nifty, no question. I'm on track right now to hit 10% next Monday (which is about halfway to my goal).

The frustrating part is the wardrobe problem. )
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My body, it mystifies me. During Christmas week, as I expected, I gained back the pound and a half that I'd lost the week before. I figured this past week would be more of the same, and I just declared it a diet holiday, didn't keep track, and decided I would deal with the consequences later. Today I did my weigh-in, and was down by 3.5 pounds - right on track for where I should have been without holidays. Obviously this is a good thing, if perplexing.

On the same note, I bought two pairs of pants and a belt yesterday. My hope is that I will be dropping one more size soon enough to not need more than that.

Meanwhile, I am hating computers. My laptop was due for replacement this spring, just because it's old and very sluggish. However, my desktop is failing rapidly and is going to require replacement soon, probably within the month. There is great sadness.

Throughout most of 2008, I recorded the books I read. The goal (not a New Year's resolution, because then I wouldn't have done it) was to read 100 books that were new to me. I stopped recording in December, and the list is trapped on the desktop, so I can't be certain, but I think I fell a little short. To the best of my recollection, I reached about 85 new-to-me books, and about 35 re-reads. I'll be tracking it again this year... in theory, at least.
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How can it be December already?

Once again, I've failed to update for almost a month. This last year, it's been hard to find the time to babble much.

So, here's the good, the bad, and the somewhat surreal: )


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