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Most of the time, I do a decent job of passing for normal. However, I have the opposite of a poker face, so sometimes my reactions give away that I just don't think the way other people do.

We just received a set of plans at the office by FedEx. Instead of being folded, they were rolled, and shipped in a "tube" package, which is suitable for maps and plans, or posters, or anything of that sort. The assembled package is a large triangular prism. Perfectly reasonable, right?

Except I associate something entirely different with that kind of packaging. The Medfest swords were mostly from Starfire, and thus were guaranteed to stay intact and in good shape, even with the wear and tear we put on them. Usually once a year we shipped one of the swords back to them for repair or replacement. The best way to ship a sword, from our experience and Starfire's recommendation, is in a FedEx Tube. And the year that shipping the sword was my responsibility was the first time I ever saw that packaging.

So when the FedEx driver showed up with our delivery this morning, I'm afraid it may have been rather apparent that I wasn't thinking about site maps. Yes, I'm a strange one.
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When I said I wasn't sure if I wanted snow or not, trust me, there was no ambiguity in my mind about not wanting this. Wintry mix is the special hell. I think that between the car and the house, my hands turned to ice and my brain got waterlogged.

I was the only one in the office this morning. Joe can't go out in bad weather because of his hip, and he'd already told Toni to stay home if the weather was bad. However, the roads were clear and so I was in on time. He had me work straight through till 2, and then let me close up and leave for the day. It's still just slush, but I'm not arguing.

Now I'm curled up with my book and my computer and several seasons of NCIS. I think hot chocolate may be in order later.
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My boss came upstairs from the men's room. I had returned from running an errand about half an hour earlier. He had been told when I came back, although I'm not sure if he saw me on his way downstairs.

"Are you back?" he asked.
"Yes," I answered, "for a while."
"I know, Toni told me you were back. I was just testing your memory."

I looked at him with confusion and disbelief. "You thought I might have forgotten I was here?"

"Yes," he said, realizing he'd been called on BS, and disappeared into his office quickly.

A minute later, when he came back out, I got to use one of my favorite lines: When your memory starts to go, forget it.
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Toni and I put up the Christmas tree at work. It seemed as good an excuse as any to bring in my new camera.

pictures behind the cut )
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It's been seven months since my last public entry, and six since the last locked entry. It's like I've fallen off the edge of the earth - or at least into the black hole known as Facebook.

But where have I been? )

In other news, I need a new picture of myself. My default userpic is what, five years old? Six? Time to try again.
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How can it be December already?

Once again, I've failed to update for almost a month. This last year, it's been hard to find the time to babble much.

So, here's the good, the bad, and the somewhat surreal: )
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I don't work in academia. What happened to make my quiet time of year so crazy?

This morning, I had two meetings with clients, and sat in on a meeting regarding our telecommunications systems.

This is not normal. Not necessarily bad, mind you, but not normal.
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A week or so ago, my cell phone rang while I was at work. I checked the number, and it was my brother, so I answered immediately. A very incoherent conversation followed, until we managed to figure out that I was not in fact the person he had been trying to call. ("Why would I know where to find diesel fuel? Where are you?")

This afternoon, I received a personal call at work that was much stranger and much more unexpected. This was in part because it was on the main work phone number, so it took a little bit just for me to change mental gears, and in part because to the best of my recollection, I've never spoken to the caller on the phone before. It's holiday related, so I can't go into the details here at this time, but anyone who's interested should remind me after Christmas and I can fully describe my confusion.
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I'm listening in to Joe and Michael's conversation in Michael's office.

Apparently Michael has been seeing a cardiologist for several months. They can't find anything physically wrong, and so the doctor has recommended that Michael leave the practice of law altogether, because it seems to be entirely stress-related. I haven't heard a quit date yet, but that seems to be the gist of the conversation.

This is why I try to be relentlessly positive and upbeat about the job, especially on the bad days. This is why I take my full lunch hour and go home, whenever I can. This is why I refuse to stress out about my work when I'm at home, or to dwell on the mistakes I've made, beyond a reasonable decompression time. Otherwise, the stress could kill me. Literally.
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I find amusement in the little things in life, as I'm sure everyone's aware.

One of my office-manager-type-duties is to post the annual worker's compensation notice. This notice says, right on it, that it must be posted and maintained conspicuously in the workplace. We post it on the inside of a storage cabinet.

It is a cabinet used by everyone who works for the firm, so we are actually complying with the spirit of the regulation, if not the letter. Still, every year I get a chuckle out of conspicuously posting something behind a closed door.

This evening, I realized that in fact I observe the letter of the regulation as well - I am certainly being conspicuous about my posting and maintaining, when I can't stop giggling as I do it. It's hard to miss that.
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Sinking ship. Seriously.
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Computers suck big hairy moose balls.
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Today is my office's semi-annual Computers Not Working day.

The list of things contributing to our bad moods is stupendous, and not limited to the computer problems.

On the plus side, while looking for something else, I found what I needed to resolve one of my back-burner "how can we fix this" projects. So, silver linings and all that.
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How the time does fly... )

In summary: It may not all be good, but at least it's good enough.
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FYI, if you happen to be in Madison today, avoid Main Street between Stop & Shop and my office. One of the Council members died over the weekend, and the wake is today (and yesterday). Everyone in town knew him, and the traffic around the funeral home will be a nightmare. The funeral Mass is tomorrow morning at St. Vincent's, on Green Village Road, which will most likely also cause traffic problems.

Yes, this is one of the many things causing headaches and overtime at work this week.


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