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I have voted for candidates based on their stances on issues, or their party's stances. Or their opponent's.

I have voted for parties without knowing much about the candidates.

I have voted for the lesser of two evils.

I have voted against incumbents when I thought a change was necessary, and against incumbents who I thought were competent. (My dad invariably votes against the incumbent.)

I have voted for candidates I liked personally. I have voted for a candidate I couldn't stand personally, but who I admired politically. Actually, that may be a lie. I'm not sure I ever had the opportunity to vote for Teddy Kennedy. But I would have.

I have voted for people who would make my life easier, or at least against those who would make it more difficult.

I have written in my choice when I thought it the appropriate use of my vote.

Once, I got to vote for someone I liked personally, thought would do a good job in the office and would work well with us, and was by far the best of the candidates. And she even won the election.

I don't always vote any particular way. I think about my choices for each race in each election and make my decisions individually.
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I was going to play this for the laughs, and pick some silly song titles. Then one occurred to me that has both the humor value, and some meaning behind it: John Cage's 4'33".

That's 4 minutes, 33 seconds of silence. And the point of the piece is that there isn't truly silence, but the ambient noises of the audience and the surroundings. Every performance will be a little different. And it's all in what you make of it.

So I think that's a very fitting way to describe my romantic life: on the one hand, a whole lot of nothing to say. On the other hand, a greater awareness of little incidental moments, and whatever I choose to make of it.
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No. And no, not even if everyone else I care about could live forever as well -- and it's already too late for that. Immortality holds no appeal for me.

If I did turn out to be immortal, I would hope it would be Highlander-style, because then not only would I have an out, I'd get a really flashy death scene.
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Secretly? Ha. I don't keep secrets well, and I've always worn my heart on my sleeve.

Falling for someone I shouldn't have, absolutely. That's just how it goes. I have some regrets about some of my adolescent crushes, but none at all about the ones from college on. Even when it has complicated things that should have been simple, I don't regret loving good people.

I'm usually very quick to admit my feelings. I don't regret that either. I sometimes regret how it happens, or what happens afterward, but not being open and honest. And I've learned that how someone reacts to the information tells quite a bit about what sort of person they are.
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Whichever I'm thinking about at the time.

But seriously, probably the things I wish I had said or done. I do regret some moments of amazing stupidity over the years, but I'm fairly sure that for most of them, I'm the only one who remembers. The things I didn't do because of fear or anxiety, on the other hand, I'll never know about.

Then again, I might regret some of them if I had done them, too.
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If someone INTENTIONALLY set fire to my home without being able to get out of it on their own, I'd really have to wonder why on earth they picked my place for self-immolation.

As for belongings, I wonder how far down the list of my priorities I would actually be able to get in ten minutes. The one-minute version is easy(grab phone and medical records folder; walk downstairs; grab purse by door; walk out door), and if I had an hour and can assume use of my car(disaster evacuation or the like), I have a rough idea of the order in which I'd load. Ten minutes... might be worth practicing. I'm pretty sure that would let me get my laptop, my underwear, and the few framed photos of family and friends that I have, but I don't know how much more I could get.
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I think I'm constantly living in some other moment. I'm always worrying about future possibilities and trying to plan for everything. I'm trying to be better at being spontaneous and living in the moment and letting go of my anxieties. Some days go better than others.

Now, big things like retirement plans and that sort of thing? Those I ignore quite happily. I only worry about the little things. The big things generally seem to take care of themselves.
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Easily amused even when inappropriate.


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